Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trip down memory lane...part one

One of my favorite scenes in Washington
This is the ending picture of a lovely surprise journey we took over the Labor Day weekend.  I was lead to believe we would be staying in the local area, but there were plans forming in hubby's mind that he had decided to surprise me with, and it was a wonderful surprise.  First we went to see where he grew up, and then we went to see my Aunt & Uncle, and my cousin's and their kids.  I love traveling so does hubby, but it's lots of fun when he does things like this to surprise me.
Some people have hobbies together, or have other things they like to do together, we like to travel.  Of course we like things like movies, and bowling as well...but really we like to go to new places.  Three day weekends provide a great time for us to get away together.

This journey began with a rouse and ended up in a small town, where I got to see places that my hubby grew up in. He doesn't tell stories like my family does, but this sort of thing works too. 

outside house he lived in a long time ago

Park in Wapato right down the street from his old house

Outside the old church, he used to walk his dad to this church

a re-enactment of a bicycle accident
The day was filled with lots of memories as my hubby showed me where he spent his younger youth growing up in Wapato Washington.  We had a lovely lunch and continued on our journey to see my family in Bremerton Washington.

 I will post more pictures and the second half of our journey later.

First Swimming lessons were held here

It was lots of fun to see this quite town and walk around all the places and see how much has stayed the same.


  1. Love it! Sharing memories is a great way to stay close!
    Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  2. This is great! I recently went on a trip to my dad's hometown and he took me to all his old haunts as well. It's so great when you can do that with someone!

    Brian, your friend from Popcorn Day.


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