Exercises Beneficial for those with PCOS

Why Every woman with PCOS should be exercising:
Incyst.com Good for body good for brain why every Woman with PCOS should be exercising

Interval Training:
Livestrong article about Interval Training

Crunch: Video
Crunch Fat Burning Pilates with Ellen

Crunch Videos I like:
My little love affair with pilates

Crunch fat burning pilates

Crunch burn and firm pilates
Crunch pick your spot pilates

Biking, Swimming, Walking

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Walking buddies

Here is one from InCyst: Shout out for benefits of swimming

Beach Body Programs
My post on the Brazil Butt Lift
Beach body.com: Compare Fitness Programs

Incyst.com PCOS and Pregnancy mindbody self help
Incyst.com How to become yoga friendly

Wailana.com: Figure 8 Fitness Ring Kit
Love Peace and Yoga Booty Ballet
Yoga In The Park

Yoga Booty Ballet Video:
Cardio Cabaret Burlesque Style Yoga

Help with accountability, tracking, and new information:
Live Strong: Get Fit, The Daily Plate, Start Tracking

Your Best Life Now - Move more than you did yesterday, begin small and build up.
Park farther away at the grocery store, walk around your block, take the stairs, and more steps and movement each week.

Ellen Crofts Pilates Machine - Review

As always I am not paid for any of these reviews or referrals.  I have only linked to things I have used and like. I do have other videos, and training tools that I have not posted because they were not fun to use, or were ineffective for me.  Of course you will only get out of it what you put in, so if you do these with a lot less enthusiasm than what you are seeing on the screen, you will get less than enthusiastic results.  And as always, if you are not eating properly (balanced and whole foods etc) you can sabotage yourself without even realizing it.  Don't eat to make up for what you exercised away.
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