Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here I am, getting all bent out of shape....

 I'm passionate about a few things, but one that I am the most passionate about is the need to stop violence against women.  I've been tired lately, and reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg, Larsson, it's the second book in a trilogy.  It has foul language and sex stuff in it, but they are in the midst of uncovering a Sex Trafficking story.  The author put many statistics of  the violence against women in Sweden in his first book, and this book deals with more atrocities against women.  I think this book bring up many things for me, and maybe that is what the author get people fired up. To get the conversation going, to motivate people for change.  Whether or not that was his intent I'm fired up. I am generally it doesn't take much when dealing with this topic.  I've mentioned some of the Charities that I give to, and support who also believe in rescuing women from the grasp of human trafficking.  One of those is Free for  They also have a facebook fan page of course. The really great thing is you can help them right now, and "like" their page and vote for them, so they can get a grant to help more young girls get out of sex slavery.

I sent out a message last night, possibly it was not thought out well, I was rather emotional writing it.  Not that I'm not now, but I'm awake and not ready to fall asleep at the computer.
Here is their page on Causes, but the main page is here: Free for Life International
Here is where you can cast your vote. Giving of Life - Free for Life International

Here's the deal, I have a's a small one but I will be heard.  Turning your head and blinding your eyes from issues like this does not make it all go away.  Do what you can to stop this from continuing.  Women have had enough throughout time to contend with, we need to band together and take a stand against this tyranny. If you do nothing else, take the time to cast your vote to help them get a grant. If you can do more, then please, do more. 

This is not the only group who does this, and if you support others then thank you, please still cast your vote.  No one on earth should be a slave to another, period. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

so tired, and very very random

I'm really not into eggplant. I should be, but it just feels like I'm eating a sponge. I think I'd rather try the cactus pads, at least they should be crunchy and not spongy. I already know I like bell pepper, but I think my next eggplant tasting will be ratatouille, and then I might just be done.   I say that with a twinge of guilt, I hate to give up, and maybe I'm just making it wrong.  I have a friend here who loves it plain and grilled.oh who am I kidding, I still won't give up, I'll just keep pinching my nose and squirming.

On a completely unrelated note, I watched a very sad tale yesterday. It was a quick dissolution of a long time friendship, and I was helpless as I saw it disintegrate in front of my eyes in a rapid succession of heated exchanges.  I'm tired, and I understand the one parties need for space and rest, and to not talk about it. I also understand the other side as well, there was no expectation or push for help or assistance. It was all emotional, and filled with years of things that I was not privy to, and then the friendship vanished as one person packed up and left.
Where ever you are in your friendships, please I beg of you, don't make me witness the death of your friendship with a long term friend of yours. It's painful and there is nothing that I can do, and I hate that feeling.  So myself and the remaining party are going to re-group and get focused on healing and living life in the most normal way we can until she is back a whole and can be completely independent again.

I've been up really really late everyday now for the last two weeks, so I'm pretty much exhausted.  But I have been reading another good book, although it is all about violence against women, and none of the characters are christian, so there is lots of sex, but none of the happy experiences are explained. The bad news is, the violent stuff that happens in the book, it is helps you understand the main characters and want revenge along with them, but it's not friendly  in any way.  "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I also should explain that although I have links for amazon still, I am not an amazon affiliate anymore, it's because I live in California and that's how it played out with them and amazon regarding the collection of taxes, or rather the non-collection of taxes.  I'd get into how this state really needs to learn how to budget like they obviously want everyone else to, but I'm pretty sure you all have heard it before and are tired of that conversation by now. Getting back to the book, if you like mysteries that are rather thrilling, this one is a good one.  Now, I also have to point out the beginning of the book is rather long and filled with the histories and developments of the characters.  It gets moving in the middle, i have not finished it, but I've heard that the end kind of moves in a different direction.

So that's my week in a nutshell. I'm looking into starting up some other new books, there is a Fallen series by Lauren Kate right now there are three books and a fourth is on it's way. I'm thinking of getting these and reading them, has any one else read them? It's more of a teen book I suppose.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Madness Continues

Two weeks ago my house guest heart patient decide it was time for him to go home.  He packed up his things and  asked us to drive him home.  The good news is, he was taken off of most all of his restrictions, and was fine to get back to a bit more normal routine.  We had splurge even and went to get ice cream together.
The week after my father-in-law headed home my friend went in for her surgery.  I knew this one was coming, and I had already agreed to assist.  I was there through out her surgery and was so glad that she did not have any issues with breathing or anything during the process. It went very well.  The after affects have been a bit more than either of us expected, and we have learned so much more about each other though this process.  Nothing like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire together!  I will spare you all the details and her and I some embarrassment, but there are a few saying that we now know to be incorrect about what friends can and can not do.
Now if all of this going back and forth to the Dr.'s office wasn't fun enough, I've been trying to get caught up at work, and now my sister-in-law is moving! Another thing I knew was happening, and was completely exited for.  It all seems to be converging on one weekend though, and wow, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all that I have decided to tackle.
I'm sure if my mother was here she would tell me to slow down and get some rest, but I just can't seem to do that right now.

On a bright note, I got my monthly box of vegetables today! I keep thinking it is coming later in the month, and am surprised when it arrives a week earlier than I anticipated.

Monday 08/15/2011 - Friday 08/19/2011

Service: Regular

(Weights are approximate)
plum_mariposa.jpg 4 cnt Dinuba Red Plum
grape_flame.jpg 2 lb Dinuba Flame Seedless Grape info_icon recipe_icon
squash_summer_crookneckyellow.jpg 1.5 lb Our Farm Yellow Squash, summer
tomato_earlygirl.jpg 1.5 lb Our Farm Slicing Tomato info_icon recipe_icon
melon_cantelope.jpg 1 cnt Our Farm Assorted Melon, musk info_icon recipe_icon
brocolli_bunched.jpg 1 cnt Salinas Bunched Broccoli info_icon recipe_icon
eggplant_globe.jpg 1 cnt Our Farm Assorted Eggplant info_icon recipe_icon
tomato_cherry_mixedmedley.jpg 1 pt Our Farm Assorted Tomato, cherry info_icon recipe_icon
lettuce_greenleaf.jpg 1 bu Watsonville Green Leaf Lettuce info_icon recipe_icon

So, it looks like I will get to incorporate eggplant into something this week.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meal Planning - For those who don't

Earlier there was a discussion of meal planning, and I was inspired, especially when it was later mentioned that we should keep a food journal and post them for accountability (over at PCOS Challenge).  This has been a huge challenge for me, and I'm not good at it.  If you are looking for help and assistance find the other discussion of meal planning and see if others can offer more assistance, if however, you are looking for support, or even just a chuckle to help you feel better while you are setting up a meal plan yourself, then look no further.  I am here, ready to giggle myself at the idea of setting up a meal plan in the first place.

This is how things started, and here are the worksheets and ideas that I first used:
Two things you should know:
First - I found this on line, free and made some changes.  I went here to find a template ExcelTemplates meal-planner
Second - I also found a very helpful blog and have used hers to help me. The meal

Sunday: open for what ever family plans, or going out has to offer.

Monday: Meatless meal
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Chinese
Thursday: Italian
Friday: Fish/Seafood
Saturday: Mexican

And here is how it looked in practical application:

Here is a look at the pretty copy:
weekly-meal-planner with Exercise.pdf
Here is where I have been re-working things.
Beginning Stages of meal Planning

So, now after a month of having another family member in our house, and going back to planning meals on the fly I have to be honest. I'm still lousy at meal planning.  I love the thought, and I really want to do it, but the practical application of it is a bit tricky for me.

I've been looking at the PCOS Diva though, for her inspired take on meal planning. It's much more simple, planning out only dinners.  I'm thinking I should start there instead of going all crazy and planning out every meal.  She has many menus archived, so I think I will begin with some older ones so I can find recipes to use for ingredients I have on hand. 

What I lack in follow through I make up for in continued attempts  and adjustments until I find what works for me. Be tenacious in fighting for your health, and for your families health. 

July Menu from PCOS Diva
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