Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight Watchers because I need more support with my change

So in my journey towards health and managing my PCOS, I've learned many things about foods and carbs, about how important sleep and fish oil are, and a bit about how I deal with the stress of everyday life.  I've also begun to make peace with the fact that my mom is not hear, my sister lives far away, and my husband does not understand what I mean by "support".    The realization of these things has lead me to work with others, looking for support and assistance, but none of these have lasted.  Friends have only so much time, energy and effort to give out if they are not on the same plan.

I have a co-worker who is doing Weight Watchers, and my sister-in-law did it once a long time ago, along with countless other friends who loved it and did well.  I've tried the counting on my own before, and was not successful.  To be honest I need the accountability more than I need the points.  I can eat with hunger and stick to it, if I have support, encouragement and something to hold my feet to the fire. Weight Watchers really won't hold my feet to the fire, but each week they will weigh me so it's a draw in that respect.

I need the constant hand holding and encouragement, and I need the support to not get tired and exhausted with me.  So, having people who will do this whether I am there or not is a huge bonus for me.  They are committed already, now I just have to join in myself.  The first week was a learning curve, and I'm hoping that this next week there will be better results.  I may have to check just to make sure.

So, here is where all the food stuff gets to be paired down to understanding the proper portion size, and hopefully all will be right with the world again.
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