Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Autumn Tradition of Apple Hill

This year Apple Hill seemed to be slipping away due to weather and timing. But my darling husband found a way to get us up there to visit our favorite farms, even if it was only for a couple of hours.
We went to Kids Inc first and had ourselves one of their Walkin' apple pies. I was surprised by how many people there remarked about our dish, this is what they are known for. But many had their first introduction to the pie through our order. It's a large personal sized pie topped with their cider sauce and ice cream on top. Not
PCOS friendly, but it's once a year.
We then made our way, a rather back way into the most popular farm High Hill Ranch. This farm is huge, it has the most crafty things, a fishing pond, restaurant, farmers market stand, apple cider and apple donuts. The donuts are amazing, and the cider is good although hubby likes mine more.
Our last and final stop was to Abe's Apples for their delicious and rather gourmet caramel apples. They have an apple pie caramel apple! I love it! They use huge delicious juicy apples and cover them with lots of caramel and other delicious ingredients. I also like their caramel, chocolate covered with nuts. The cinnamon candy apples were being taken off the menu the day we were there, they like to mix up their offerings.

This fall has been emotional and unsteady so it was wonderful of my hubby to work do hard to keep this tradition going. This is one offering I would love to bring my family to, but as of now we head out there for Thanksgiving no one comes here. Spring is not the time for apples, although they do have something with the blooms in spring. Our time to come is in the fall.
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