Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here I am, getting all bent out of shape....

 I'm passionate about a few things, but one that I am the most passionate about is the need to stop violence against women.  I've been tired lately, and reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg, Larsson, it's the second book in a trilogy.  It has foul language and sex stuff in it, but they are in the midst of uncovering a Sex Trafficking story.  The author put many statistics of  the violence against women in Sweden in his first book, and this book deals with more atrocities against women.  I think this book bring up many things for me, and maybe that is what the author get people fired up. To get the conversation going, to motivate people for change.  Whether or not that was his intent I'm fired up. I am generally it doesn't take much when dealing with this topic.  I've mentioned some of the Charities that I give to, and support who also believe in rescuing women from the grasp of human trafficking.  One of those is Free for  They also have a facebook fan page of course. The really great thing is you can help them right now, and "like" their page and vote for them, so they can get a grant to help more young girls get out of sex slavery.

I sent out a message last night, possibly it was not thought out well, I was rather emotional writing it.  Not that I'm not now, but I'm awake and not ready to fall asleep at the computer.
Here is their page on Causes, but the main page is here: Free for Life International
Here is where you can cast your vote. Giving of Life - Free for Life International

Here's the deal, I have a's a small one but I will be heard.  Turning your head and blinding your eyes from issues like this does not make it all go away.  Do what you can to stop this from continuing.  Women have had enough throughout time to contend with, we need to band together and take a stand against this tyranny. If you do nothing else, take the time to cast your vote to help them get a grant. If you can do more, then please, do more. 

This is not the only group who does this, and if you support others then thank you, please still cast your vote.  No one on earth should be a slave to another, period. 
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