Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visit from family

We had a lovely visit with my aunt and uncle this past weekend. My aunt had my hubby laughing. She's awesome, not the syrup sweet type but the brutally funny honest. They had decided to forgo another drive to see San Francisco in order to walk more. I seemed to have taken up the challenge and took them on a tour of the city. So, we walked all around old town sac and through the downtown mall. We couldn't let Old Town be the only site they see with us, so we took a drive along the Delta for dinner. Coming back the sun was setting, it was beautiful. The ray's weren't completely golden but it was a lovely drive.

We also took a walk by our house, along the river. The doggies came with us on that walk and entertained us quite well.

Sunday we went to church and worshiped with all of Bayside with Lincoln Brewster at the lead.

The only downside was we overindulged in eating out. I seem to have been the first to start paying for this. But tonight I did Zumba, and I'll be eating salads and homemade this week.
Walk around our neighborhood river, the Bridge over the Sacramento River, Bayside Sunday Service, Worship, and Enoch
Took a side trip to see where I work, and see that the area really is perfect for pictures.  We even saw cute ducks
Sacramento Bridge, Delta view, More view of the Delta, School Marm.
Sacramento River farther down the Delta, Ducks again, Night sky in front of our house, the River from close to our house, and sun bathing turtles
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