Monday, April 16, 2012

Cleaning, a non-toxic way

Cleaning in a non-Toxic sort of way
Today I am having fun with my Clean House Green House products.

I found recipes for home made soaps on Pinterest.
Here is one that I'm quite excited to try:
The complete photo guide to making your own homemade laundry detergent

So when I went to the store loaded up with my list of things to buy for all sorts of home made cleaners I found the Full Circle Home Products.  I will be using more of those recipes than the others that I found, although I will of course use those others too. But now I need to add to my list of things to get: Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Liquid Castle Soap, and eventually beeswax & and parafin to make a furniture wax.

I already have the Costco size Baking Soda, it's not pictured.

So I was telling my friend at lunch about this trip, and I was excited.  My other co-workers, older gentlemen were less than enthused.  They would rather go to the dollar store and buy cheap things there.  Non-toxic, Environmentally friendly, these are distasteful words in their mouths.  How many of us begin adventures excited only to have nay-Sayers and people who are unwilling to change get all bent out of shape over what you have chosen to do.  They really were starting to get all worked up over my choice of cleaning products.  let's be clear, neither of them will ever have invites to my house. I do not go to their houses, I was not telling them how to live or clean, I was only sharing with my friend what I was doing.  Really, all worked up over soap?  I think that's not the real issue though, change is. 

Change is scary, it's different, and some times it takes work and effort.  I think change is good though.  I may not be able to do everything all at once to keep my life perfectly healthy with PCOS. I fight with sugar and sleep more often than I care to admit, but I'm still fighting.  The point is not giving up.

I think Spring is the perfect time to clean more than just your home.  We've already had the New Years Resolutions fade a bit, now it's time to spring clean up your life.  Change the things that need to be, and clean up the things that might have gotten forgotten.  Do not let negative people steal your joy, enthusiasm, or your determination.  

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