Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A rant about art...something about pearls and swine

I'm feeling particularly irked today, maybe angered.  I'm not sure how to explain it, let me tell you the story.  It's about something I tried to do to be nice, that seems to be under appreciated, maybe insulted as well.  I know that some people do not understand art, and the value of original pieces, but even so, this seems very strange to me.
I get that we did not use the form board, and construction paper with sand and glue with a crepe paper ocean, I did something so much nicer, and feels like they really wanted only the construction paper deal.

With all the excitement and accolades of yesterday I was greeted today with a request to darken the rainbow, so really the un-natural style was wanted.  So it would be the focal point, ummm okay I can do that.  But then the compliments that were cut out, she wants to put on pretty fish stickers and stick back on the painting. ***Blink, blink***
Huh? really? are you sure? Stickers on an original piece of art?
I kid you not, really... I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.
So, here is where I would like to add in some expletives, and apologize to my auntie and my mother (God rest her soul), and then ask, WHAT THE H***!!!!

So, when you travel through art museums, and art shows, is that what you think of doing when you bring that piece into your home?

Mine was the first birthday of the year, and here is what my "board" looked like.

It's nice, I have a great picture of it. I can see all the comments and appreciate them. I don't need to hang it on my wall.  It's here for me to look at if ever I need or want to.

So for this latest birthday I was supposed to do a Hawaiian theme, and the beach with water was brought up, and then I got the brilliant idea of making something that would actually be kept, not thinking that the card board thing would have been kept. Silly me.

So I created this instead. (Minus the fish and butterfly of course, but this was how it was presented since it was to be the "board" for this person )

And when it was presented, rather than first sticking the notes all over her body like she does to us, we just applied them directly to the board.

Silly me, we should have gone and continued with what had been done before.
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