Monday, November 28, 2011

A new twist on burrito/taco wraps - and news(ish) stuff

I've been making things with beans, lots and lots of beans.
This dish uses the Raspberry Chipolte Sauce I used with the cauliflower pizza crust. I found it at World Market, luckily Bronco Bob's can also be found on Amazon.

Whole wheat tortillas
Organic chicken grilled with sauce glazed on top
Tilamook cheddar cheese - made from Cows not treated with hormones
Black beans - slow cooked not from cans

Compile ingredients heat and compile. Serve with veggies.

I've been quiet on here lately, I know. It's the holiday's and I don't have cute kids to post all the fun things that they are doing, or funny things they are saying, or how old they are making me feel.  I feel it more during the holidays.  I've been going to a Grief Share group to support a friend of mine who was recently widowed.  Things like that make my life and things that I'm dealing with so trivial, it's hard to muster up a good recipe or chat about the dangers of BPA.  It's all about perspective.

I have had some other things brewing and I did not want to share the news until it could be confirmed.  It will be soon, and I will post links and shout it out.  Until it's all ready to go I will leave you to wondering what in the world I could be getting all excited about. Here is a hint: InCyst Trained...
Oh fine, here is another hint: Shop Cysters

This Saturday I am hosting a party for my friend. She will be 40, and doesn't mind sharing that with everyone. I will be a bit less excited for anyone to share that news once I get there.  But I've been gearing up for that and getting the house all pretty, or clean and orderly at least.

I will leave you with what I am working on for my health lately....sleep. Yes, that's right, sleep.  It's the one thing that I know for sure is out of balance in my life, and currently the situation in our abode has not suggested that it will be rectified soon.  Here's to hoping and planning on it though. It will require another exhausting cleaning day, since all my previous efforts are now strewn about the art room floor, and there is no longer space to move at all. So there, no art work done this last weekend and none in the foreseeable future.  It seems that I still need to figure out how to have others take responsibility for their own OCD issues and not let them put it all on me.  When I figure that one out, I'll bottle it and sell it.

Day one: partial lights
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