Friday, December 30, 2011

Barley Stuffed Cabbage rolls - fail

Cooking Light: Barley Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke

So, I tried this with the cabbage that I got in my Farm Fresh to You box, and my crock pot/slow cooker.  All of these ingredients are good for you stuff, pine nuts, barley, cabbage etc.  I was kind of excited, and the first night it was okay, a bit heavy on the vinegar flavor....okay my hubby did not like it even on the first night. The second day, I'm not sure how but the vinegar flavor increased and it was overwhelming for me.  I will not be making this recipe with that sauce ever again.  If I make the cabbage rolls with that filler, there will be a very different sauce to go with them.
Healthy as these might be, I did not like them and will not be making them with any form of tomato vinaigrette type sauce ever.

I used their photo because I did not get one of mine, and mine were not so pretty either.
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