Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tower of Power - as seen on Pinterest

My re-pin: Tower of Power

It looked to good not to try. We had the ingredients on hand, and little else so this was dinner. I had two servings, and my hubby had oatmeal on the side. It would make a great breakfast, but we did need some more for dinner. This was my first time poaching eggs, I need more practice.

Low Carb vegetable Replacement for Eggs Benedict
Today is a dreary and rainy day, and this meal is a reminder of sunshine. This winter is not quite rainy and drissly like normal, but I have been tankful for not having puddles of mud for my puppies to roll around in.  This week at work we are learning the important skill of forgiveness.  It is a skill, it does not come naturally and you only get better with practice.  One of my co-workers and I have devised a plan to help in this process moving along faster for another co-worker.  It would take the form of kind and gentle reminders, but thankfully our plan was not needed today.

If you are angry, take a step back and ask yourself why.  Why are you so hurt, why is it so important, who is being hurt by your anger, is it leading to unforgiveness?

Then remind yourself that you are the only one that is hurt by not forgiving someone, and that the mercy we give out to others is the mercy that will be dealt to us. I personally want as much mercy as possible.
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