Friday, March 2, 2012

Spear Throwing and dodging

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards, to be clear this is not a book review.  This is more of a thought, or a memory coming back to help me get through this latest of battles.  Maybe battles is to strong, maybe is not the day to debate that.

I'm tired today. I've been tired.  We have been getting documents together, okay for get we, it's been me.  Lots and lots of documents. I've been sick, so I am now catching up at work, and then just recently my computer got a virus.  I've been spending a week getting that thing removed.  We all have rough times, I get it.  But today I skipped lunch which was a big mistake. As it happened my co-worker left some for me to eat, and I did.  The problem is that this is greasy fast food stuff that makes my stomach sick. I'm trying to be healthy here people, and skipping lunch was the wrong move because it left me hungry and willing to eat stuff I normally would never touch.  How does all of this relate to a book I read a long time ago from Master's? I'm glad you asked, I do get side tracked at times. Today another co-worker and I had a conversation regarding our expectations when we were first hired and what has happened since.  I had expected less stress, they did not expect to feel so old etc.  The conversation got me to thinking about leadership, and what my role is in that relationship.  There was no direct talk against our boss, but my heart was there.  I've been mulling on it since.  This is not how I want to be, I want to be able to dodge the spear and arrows tossed by a crazy king and keep my sanity and respect for the throne.  I've tried to squash blame hunts, and not cast blame onto others. I'm not sure if it will work well in the latest fiasco, but he was really unprepared for witch hunts and finding where the fault lies for every client gripe.  Let's be honest, there are some people who are just not going to be happy, they complain.  Those people cause chaos in our office.  I'm getting off track here. 

Some of us find ourselves in the precarious position of being lead by someone who tosses spears, or goes on witch hunts but they are still our leader and in such a position they still need to be treated with respect and not tossed off the throne as is were.  How do you handle these situations?  I'm still working on the skill of dodging and letting these things fall to the floor, but it does cause me stress. 

Did you know I'm supposed to reduce my stress?  I am.  Although this last year, and now this last week have been rather a challenge to that goal.  I think I may need to give this book another read. It covers the story of David and Kind Saul..the one who threw spears at David; and who was not over thrown by David even though others would have helped him in a rebellion.  It puts things into perspective and maybe that is what I need today.

I'm praying for my cousin whose baby will need heart surgery.  Keep her in your prayers too.  These are the things that I see as real troubles, not the petty issues that are eating at me.  But here you have it, my small issues are gnawing at me today.

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