Monday, January 30, 2012

Tiny French bean and sausage Slow Cooker Recipes

This recipe is a favorite slow cooker recipe of mine, but it does require a Tbsp of thyme. If you are not used to using that much thyme make sure you have enough. I ran out much faster than I thought I would after I started making this recipe. I look for a few things when cooking now. One little are the ingredients processed, the fresher and more whole the better. Is this a hearty meal? Will is fill up my husband? This is very important. How expensive is it to put together. Beans in the dried form are not expensive, and they are filling, so it just has to taste good.

This is one of those meals that does not look all that amazing, but it tastes good. I've also started craving it every so often, it could be the hot sausage....  It's comfort food people, it's comfort food. That is all.
Here is the recipe: recipe tiny french beans with smoked sausage
For those of you doing Weight Watchers the points value is 10 per serving.

I wish you all well. I've joined the ranks of those on Pintrest, be patient with me I'm just learning how this thing works.
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