Monday, July 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Bicyle

I have been riding to work on my bike lately, and my hubby has been very helpful in getting my bike back to working order.  I have learned how much I do not know about bikes lately.  So here is a picture of a bike, broken down a bit, for those like me who do not know all the parts and things that need to be cleaned tightened or adjusted as time wears on your bike.

Over the Fourth of July weekend my hubby and I biked around Santa Cruz, and I found a bike shop that was very helpful in getting his seat completely fixed after I found I was missing a piece.  If you are ever down there and need assistance with bikes, check them out Bicycle Shop.

I have now learned how to change tires and replace bike seats.  Next on my list of things to do is install a bike rack, but that may prove to be a bit more difficult.  I own a mountain bike,  not really something that is set up for all the commuting comfort attachments.

Now I ride my bike to work, but my hubby was not so excited for me to begin doing this.  A long time ago, in a far away land called Salt Lake City, I had a few accidents.  It seemed like once a year I had some form of brush with death, okay maybe it wasn't that bad each time, but the car wreck was pretty dangerous.

I ruined my bike and then proceeded to crash with my mother's bike. Now to be fair, although I did have a rash of wreck way back then, I've been wreck free for years now.  I've also not ridden my bike for a while, but really I'm not nearly so reckless as I was back then.  Honest.

so there might be some cause to worry about me and bikes

in my defense it was a long long time ago

I still feel bad about ruining my mom's bike
I think I ran into the car on this one, and ended up under their back tire. I'm still not sure how I got out without being hurt.  My current bike needs to have it's front wheel straightened out a bit as well, but it's nothing like this one.

Of course I've been dreaming of a new bike, and this is one that I've been looking at.

Belleville WSD - Trek

2012 Allant WSD - Trek

These two bikes are nice, and have bike racks.  It would be so much nicer to have bike racks so I can use it for grocery shopping as well as commuting.  There are dreams, and then there are plans you make in order to make your dreams come true. I'm slowly on my way there.  Maybe one day I'll have better news than to report that I have not gotten into a wreck but have a brand new bike.  It would be nice to have a real one, a nice one than my old Walmart Mountain bike thing, although I'm pretty sure I still won't be able to just let go of it, as long as it works I'll be keeping it around.

7300 WSD -Trek
So, for now I will learn how to take apart my mountain bike, replace things, clean chains and all of the maintenance things I had never learned before. I'll also take extra care in not getting run over so that my hubby won't worry to much about me, you know, being crushed under someones tire.  I really should get my brakes checked out first though.
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