Monday, July 25, 2011

You say Potato, I say get the idea

Camping, not quite the camping I was thinking

Having dinner with the family

an Ice Cream Social

Because there has to be watermelon

My Idea of camping was much different, not so "plugged in".  We had a great time, we biked around the lake, watched Little Miss play in the lake, and watched my dogs walk her.  I really should have had my camera for that, and taken video, it was priceless.

Now I get why these movies that show people going camping, end up at a resort type facility, they exist.  I would never have fought against camping so hard if we went to places like this, there were showers, and a store it was amazing.

Making new friends

loading those bikes was as much fun as untangling Christmas lights

not the tent type camping I was used to, but the bed, shower, and air conditioning were great especially since it was hotter than hades out there this last weekend.  I hope your summer weekends are filled with fun and adventure, and a lot less bugs bites than mine was.
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