Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Conspiring Universe, the flip side

By now I'm sure that you have recognized that there is no rhyme or reason to this blog.  I was hoping to get that point across in the title.  Life is a hodge podge of events, loves, and challenges.

Yesterday I posted something I have been mulling over for months now. It's about biking, and so the day that I post all about my wrecks what do you think would happen?  I was in another one, this time I was on the other end. 

It was horrific, and terrifying and awful.  He ran into me, I did not see him coming when I pulled from the drive way onto the sidewalk.  He was young, and frightened by the whole event. Nothing was broken, bruised, or even bleeding, but my car was scratched and dented.  I was so glad that he was not injured, the rest of it, those are only things.  My hubby came out and saw the last part. The kids did not want ice, or help home, he biked off, and I waited and watched until he was out of sight. I was devastated.  Looking back I find the humor in my wrecks, I know I was blessed to only have bumps and bruises, some cuts and could have been worse.  But now I know from the other side that there is a lot of emotional stuff to deal with when someone runs into you with a bike.  I prayed for him, I still am, I'm still shaken and upset I hope he is fine and finds it funny one day.  This one is not funny for me, and I'm certain it will never have a funny feel to it.

I wonder though, should I have never posted anything about all the wrecks I've had?  Do these things have a way to come back and make you look at it from the other side?  I wonder if I am alone in these types of events, but they happen often for me.  More often than I would like to think about.

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So the flip side to the humor, is the terror of what might have been. 
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