Friday, January 6, 2012

Power Up for PCOS, my new Project

I have begun to work with Power Up For PCOS as their California Network Representative. 

This is a new support group for women who want to take a more pro-active stand and help support InCyst with research and finding real solutions.  If you go to the Webpage and read all the history it will give you a bit more of the heart and soul, and see why science based research is important.  If you've been around here a bit you have seen me post things from InCycst and reference Monika Woolsey a lot. She is not a promoter of any one food religion, or diet and exercise plan.  She focuses on the whole person, and their well being with PCOS.  So much of the information out there is negative and most of it comes from companies trying to sell you something.  This joint venture is working to change that.

So with all of that, please "like" us on Facebook (Main: Power Up For PCOS, California Power Up For PCOS, InCyst Programs for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and start spreading the word, get the discussion going and lets team together to make a difference in our lives and those of our loved ones who are affected by PCOS.  There are more groups forming all the time, including our Faithful Cysters, and our Fitness challenge for the New Year is on.

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