Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter with Family and Friends

The hunt is on

searching for goodies!

all with matching dresses!

dividing the loot!
The pictures I missed where of the little girls heading back up the hill to re-hide the eggs, hunt them again, and end up with a very uneven amount of goodies since they forgot to invite the littlest one to the second hunt.  Yep, it was a fun and long day.  Easter is my favorite holiday, the Resurrection, spring, bright colors, flowers, family, all of it. My favorite part growing up was all about the new dresses!  For a while both of our grandparents bought us dresses, but then it was all about our maternal grandparents.  They lived in Bremerton Washington, and we lived in Utah, not quite close enough for a Sunday dinner.  The mail would come with a box of gifts, dresses, gloves, hats, was great! 

These Easters here with my hubby's family are filled with fun, family, and good times.  This year we got the added fun of having my nieces friends come and they all had lots of fun.
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