Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Story

 I celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary, here is the post about us.

Dear or darling Hubby and I met in 1992 when we were in high school; he was 17 and I 16 years old. He lived in Sacramento CA I lived in SLC UT, we met through a youth mission’s trip “Harvest Utah.” I was hyper and talkative and he was focused and quiet. Since I distracted the other boys from our team work, I was paired with DH so we would remain on task. I thought he was so handsome. He almost left with out asking if he could write to me, I was not allowed to ask him for his number or address, but he conquered his shyness and we wrote for a year. DH was my first date flying out the next summer to be with me.

Christmas 1993

We broke up New Years 1994 at a party, but he kissed me at the airport when I was to get on the plane, he was my first kiss. I was so upset that he would kiss me after breaking up with me, we found out much later we had a huge mis-communication. I thought he broke up with me, he didn’t. We went our separate ways but never forgot each other. Every year we either wrote or called, about every second year DH came out to Utah to see me or my family.

July 1993

In 1998 we got back together and then broke up again. He was afraid to ask me to marry him because he had not been at his job very long. In 2000 he came to visit over Easter weekend for a surprise visit. I had invited another friend for the holiday, and my grandma kept teasing me about having 2 boyfriends. I kept explaining that I didn’t have a boy friend, to both of them.

1998 Impromptu Visit

In 2004 DH flew me to Sacramento for an all expense paid vacation, and we finally told each other that we loved one another in the airport and had our second kiss.

2004 all expense paid vacation

When we got back together in 2004 my mom knew we would be engaged by Christmas. She passed suddenly just before, on Dec 11, and never saw us get together. But she was right. He asked me to marry him Christmas Eve night. We were married May 7, 2005. We have worked hard and have gotten through some struggles together. Our story was worth waiting for.

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