Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missing my mom, and new bowls

Previously I had mentioned how I was Eliminating Plastic From My Life and how I had found a great set of glass bowls.  Recently I found that Costco had the new version of my favorite Arc Bowls, and I picked up a set.  This left me with two, but the new set has red lids, and I prefer that to my old green ones.  So I was considering saving the old bowls and giving them to my sister at Thanksgiving.

Luminarc Stackable Bowl 21pc BPA-Free

It was serendipity, for the first time in my life I think I had a moment I could use that term for.  My sister's BFF came into town this weekend, the day I made up my mind to get  the new bowls, and she and her sister drove here.  The stars had aligned, and then the call came, they had some free time if I was able to drive to them.  I hurried to get ready, and then realized many of my bowls were being used, so I emptied them and washed them.  It took longer than I had realized, but I was ready to go.  If they had flown, I would not be able to send them back with glass bowls, but in a car, they could easily set them down on the floor of the back seat, or in the trunk and just let them go along for the ride.  We had a great time catching up, and they looked great in their new dresses.    My sister will now have glass bowls and not have so much of a need to store left overs in plastic containers.  I have room for the new bowls with red lids.
I'm quite happy now that everything worked out so well, and I still find it funny how things move my impromptu thought into action so quickly. 

This weekend was a busy, but fun time.  There was the visit with my sister's BFF and her sister, then my anniversary, and finally Mother's Day.  If you know me at all, you know I want to be a mother, but it just has not yet worked out for me.  I have also lost my mother to heart disease, it was sudden, but it happened in 2004.  I still miss her, every day.  It's not always with tears, or misty eyes, but those moments happen still.  Those moments are more frequent during the holidays, and celebrations, times when I know she would be excited, or that I would be expected to call. Then there are the times of stress and anxiety, when I wish to ask her what to do.

I think we all have someone who we call, one person we rely on for strength and encouragement, the stable force of love.  Until that person is no longer earth bound, love them and honor them as much as you can.
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