Friday, May 20, 2011

My delivery came bright and early



Today I  opened my door, ready to dash off to work, when I noticed my box was there.  I had forgotten that this was the last Friday of the month, I had only been thinking about the new release of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie the night before, and did not set out the previous deliveries box. I will now need to set myself an alarm for next month, before I hoard a collection of these things.

Other than being a bit frustrated with myself for forgetting, I began to make room in our fridge for the newest yummy goodness, and checked on line to see what was in store for me once I return to open my treasure.

Monday 05/16/2011 - Friday 05/20/2011

Service: Regular

(Weights are approximate)
orange_navel.jpg 4 cnt Kingsburg Navel Orange info_icon recipe_icon
apple_braeburn.jpg 2 cnt Washington Braeburn Apple info_icon recipe_icon
avocado_hass.jpg 2 cnt Edison Hass Avocado info_icon recipe_icon
pepper_greenbell.jpg 2 cnt Coachella Green Bell Pepper info_icon recipe_icon
potato_red.jpg 1.5 lb Our Farm Assorted Potato info_icon recipe_icon
strawberries.jpg 1 cnt Salinas Strawberries Berries
brocolli_bunched.jpg 1 cnt Salinas Bunched Broccoli info_icon recipe_icon
bean_green.jpg 1 lb Salinas Fava Bean, fresh info_icon recipe_icon
radish_red.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Red Radish info_icon recipe_icon
lettuce_greenleaf.jpg 1 cnt Our Farm Green Leaf Lettuce info_icon recipe_icon
cilantro.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Fresh Cilantro
mushroom_kingtrumpet.jpg .5 lb Sebastapol King Trumpet Mushroom info_icon recipe_icon
Produce Growing Region: Please note that if we run out of product from one farm, we may have to supplement with produce from other growing regions. In those rare instances, produce may come from elsewhere than what is listed here.
Updated - 05/20/2011 09:47:13

I like to think of these as special, since I will not be receiving special deliveries or presents for a while, but will be the giver throughout the summer and fall season.  I will have one more box delivered soon, nothing to cook, but a book will arrive.  The Hunger Games, have you read it? Don't spoil any surprises for me, I read some and am excited to see if it really is as adventurous and thrilling as some have said.  I'll let you know what I think once I've devoured that book.  It's a trilogy, so I may have to continue on if I like it all that much, or just to see what will happen at the very end.  I get sucked into things like that.

Looking at my look above, I'm not seeing anything that is particularly strange or frightening in any way.  So, I'm not sure I will have an unusual food posting in the near future.  But this does look like a fabulous light array of foods that I can make quickly and simply.  During the spring/summer I'm not one to want heavy foods, I'm sure there are countless others out there who feel the same way.  Most of these I won't even cook, they will just end up sliced and diced in some fabulous salad or quinoa dish.

I'm currently reading the Port Royal book by Linda Chakin, and it's been nice.  I can't say it's been a page turner like Twighlight was, and after reading that series I could not read this book at all, I actually dove straight into the book that my sister is writing, and was hooked.  Aren't you all curious now what she is writing about?  You'll have to wait though, but if you want to see her writing style she has a blog you can go to by clicking here.  Well, after her book, a pirate book just wasn't cutting still so I ordered the Hunger Games and now while I'm waiting I'm reading about Pirates, well, kind of, the main character Emerald is still on the island. Maybe that's what's bothering me, I need to read until she's off on an adventure some where on the high seas.  I should have plenty of time to read this weekend since I'm still unable to talk, and I still feel sick.  It would be nice to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie though, but I'm pretty sure that it will have to wait.
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