Sunday, May 22, 2011

The end of the World and Ballerina's

There was a bit of a rumor going around about the rapture going to happen, and the end of the world, I made plans anyways.  I'm not letting a crackpot with proven inaccuracy ruin a perfectly good weekend for me.  It seems that everyone was in a jovial mood about the whole affair, it's sad because one day it will happen, but who will take it seriously when it does?  I'm not going to try and tell you what to believe, or how to live your life, but when you figure out what you believe you should live it.  I believe that when the Bible says we will not know the time or the hour, we won't know, not for certain.  That being said, we should live everyday like it is our last, but plan for a very long future.  Having lost my mom, when she was so young, made me remember to enjoy every moment.  We should be quick to love, laugh, and forgive.  Life is short, even if we live over 100 years, in the grand scheme of things, that is nothing.  So, live for the moment, enjoy every breath you take.
Saturday I went for a bit of an adventure, family time can happen like that.  Waking up is not my favorite thing to do, but it was so worth all the fun of today's events.  I was able to watch my little niece dance in her first competitive performance, they won first place.  It does help when you are the only one in your category.  This first performance had the largest group of girls in the performance.

First performance of the day (song: A Whole New World)
They had another performance, it was a bit more formal being on stage in front of a larger crowd.  This time the group dwindled between the side curtain and the stage.  One of the little girls ended up loosing her nerve as well, but they were still adorable.

Second performance (same song, different stage)
We had a great time, eating, and watching frog jumping.  My little niece rode a pony, and other rides, and then braced up to do her final routine.  This time the teacher had them holding hands and walking on stage together, and she sat them in their spots.  They did a fabulous job, and the crowd loved them. 

Third Performance (same song, same stage)

After all of that we were all tuckered out, and my little niece fell asleep the minute the car starting driving home.
Dinner tonight

So, tonight dinner was not the first thing on my mind, and it was a bit hot.  I love our George Foreman Grill for hot summer nights, we can have grilled chicken with out heating up the house.  So this salad was all from our Farm Fresh to You delivery, not really a CSA but it's similar.  Local, organic, and seasonal it's just perfect. 


Grilled chicken breast
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